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    Taixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2016 in Zhuhai City,China. The name “Tai Xin” means “huge IC” in Chinese. The company is a fabless IC design house focusing in the field of AIoT. It has the core technical capabilities of wireless communication chips, micro controller chips, and wireless micro controller chips. We have successively developed and mass-produced products such as long-distance low-power WiFi halow™ (802.11ah) chips, high-performance motor controller chips, general-purpose MCU chips, and high-performance low-cost WiFi-4 chips.

    The company has a high-level R&D team, including an experienced IC design team and a team of senior solution experts. The core members are from well-known semiconductor companies at home and abroad. It has in depth understanding in core technologies such as mass production testing, and has advanced wireless communication, low-power circuit design, and embedded system solution design capabilities.

    The company's wireless communication chips and micro controller chips have been successfully introduced into many leading customers , and are widely used in security monitoring, smart home, Internet of Things, home appliances, power tools, toys, power management and other fields. The company deeply integrates wireless chip products and micro controller chip products to provide customers with high-performance, stable, reliable, and cost-effective AIoT one-stop chips and solutions.


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